How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

Dec 21, 2022 | Weddings

Choosing the right person to capture your most important moments is undeniably important – your photos will be the thing you look back on to remember your wedding day. Plus, your wedding photographer will be with you all day, and you might even see them more than you see your partner! Finding a good fit is key, so this guide will tell you all about how to choose a wedding photographer – things to look for, what to think about, and everything you need to know!

Things to Look For When You Choose a Wedding Photographer

Before you send out any emails or sign any contracts, here’s what you’re looking for as you browse through different wedding photographers.

Their Photos!

This is a big one, of course! You want to make sure that you love your photographer’s photos, since yours will be done in the same style. When you first start searching for wedding photographers, the first thing to think about is what kind of photos you’re drawn to, visually. Different photographers have completely different styles of shooting and editing, so your wedding photos will look really different depending on the photographer you choose.

For example, we take bright, colourful, fun wedding photos that are mostly candid and full of laughs – and other styles of wedding photos include dark and moody photos that are dramatic and artsy, bright and airy photos that have a sort of beachy, ethereal vibe with lots of beautiful posed images, and there are plenty more!

Don’t worry – you don’t need to be in the know about all the photo jargon and be able to name different styles of photography. All you have to do is look at photos and see if you like them. 

You can expect your wedding photos to be done in a style that matches up to that photographer’s work – so if you’re looking for bright, colourful photos, don’t hire someone who has a moody, dark style.

Types of Wedding Photographers and Shooting Styles

The end result – the photos you see – is important, but so is the way they got there! Every photographer has a different style of shooting too, and it’s important that when you choose a wedding photographer, you like the way they work.

Some photographers do more posed, classic shots – while others (like us!) prefer mostly candids and unplanned, silly moments. This is a big deal, because it’ll really affect how you feel on your wedding day. We think spending the entire day posing and plastering a smile on your face won’t be any fun, so we’re all about you just having the best day ever instead, while we capture it as it happens.

A photographer’s style shows through their photos – when you look at their work, is everyone posed and picture perfect, or are there more photos that feel natural and real? Do people look like they’re having a good time? 

We believe the best photos happen when you’re having a blast – and we just happen to be there to click the shutter! To get a better idea of a photographer’s shooting style, how they approach posing, and what’s important to them, you can also read through their website and stalk their social media.


Another thing to think about when it comes to how to choose a wedding photographer is their ethos – their credibility and experience, along with their character and what they value.

Your wedding is a big day, and the person you choose to document it should take it seriously! So many couples who have been tempted to hire an inexperienced photographer for crazy low prices or to have a friend of a friend shoot their wedding… only to end up heartbroken over their photos, or worse, not getting their photos at all. 

So, make sure that when you’re looking for wedding photographers, you’re looking at people who have experience shooting weddings, who you know will put time and effort into your day, and who are professional and have the gear and the knowledge necessary to make sure you get amazing photos. 

Along with experience, make sure that their values align with yours. For example, we’re all about you having a good time – laughing, dancing, and being silly instead of posing or worrying about “getting the shot.” We love to be guests at your wedding, which makes everyone feel comfortable and the more we enjoy it and get stuck in, the better the photos tend to be!

We’re not people who believe your wedding day should be the best day of your life – we believe it should be a great day with your fave people, without the pressure of it having to be the best day ever. We don’t shoot weddings for people who have dreamed of a princess wedding since they were 10 – we shoot for chilled couples who just want to get married and have a fun day!

Their Personality

You’ll be spending the whole day with your photographer, so it’s important that you like them! The truth is that the experience you have on your wedding day will have a big effect on the way you feel about your photos – because when you look at the pictures, you’ll be transported back into that moment. If you remember feeling weird with a camera in your face,  the photos won’t feel quite as special as if the memory brings you back to a moment when you were truly having fun. 

One of the most important jobs of a wedding photographer is to help you feel comfortable – so make sure their personality meshes with yours, that they feel more like a friend than a vendor, and that you’ll love having them around.

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

When you’re ready to choose a wedding photographer, here’s what you need to do!

Look at Their Website

If you find someone whose photos you love, make sure to learn more about them. Read the “about me” page on their website, scroll through different pages and see if you like their personality, and make sure you can see yourself spending all day with them.

Send an Email

If you think it might be a good fit, the next step is to send an enquiry! It’s totally okay to email multiple photographers – you don’t have to commit quite yet. Shooting them an email and getting a response back will give you more information about them, their pricing, and if they’re available on your day.

Hope on a Zoom

Remember how we said you should make sure your personalities mesh? While words on a screen can give you some insight into who they are and whether you’ll get along, the best way to really gauge this is by chatting on Zoom! This allows you to ask questions, get to know each other more, and have a conversation to see if you like the photographer.

Sign a Contract!

After you’ve done all of this and you’ve found the perfect photographer for you, it’s time to make things official! You’ll have a contract to sign and a deposit to pay, and then the search is over – you’ve found your wedding photographer. 

You can scroll through Instagram and Pinterest and make a list of potential ‘togs, but why not start right here? Contact us to get this party started and see if we’re a good match for your wedding day!


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