cedar roof Barn Wedding venue in sussex

If you’re looking for a DIY wedding venue in Sussex, check out Cedar Roof Barn

Cedar Roof Barn is a wedding venue in the middle of the countryside near Lewes in Sussex, only 45 minutes from Brighton, and has a proper English country garden vibe, with a huge lawn and big skies.

Nestled in the midst of undulating fields, not far from Lewes, the Cedar Roof Barn was constructed with care over the scorching summer of 2018, within the grounds of Braunton Farm, which is also home to a variety of animals including chickens, pigs, horses, and their lively pup, Ripley. It was built as a venue for the owners’ own wedding, so it’s literally made for weddings.

It’s on the owners’ land, so they’re keeping the exact location a secret so they don’t get loads of people wandering into their garden, which is understandable! But they’re super lovely so pop them a message and they’ll invite you for a look around. If you’re lucky you’ll meet their friendly dog!

The barn is situated on stunning acres of land and you can totally DIY the place, whether it involves bonfires, tents, marquees, outdoor dining, or even sleeping under the stars in the next field over.

You can have an outdoor ceremony, and lay out the barn interior however you like, and we love a good DIY wedding so it’s the perfect venue for that. There’s also a handy little kitchen, and a back door where a food truck can park up and serve guests in the barn.

We live 10 minutes away from this fab venue, so if you’re planning a wedding at Cedar Roof Barn hit us up for epic photos!


If you’re looking for a wedding photographer to make your cedar roof Barn wedding look awesome, get in touch!