Fun and colourful wedding photos

I love taking fun wedding photos. I get everything from gorge photos of you and your fave people, but also you all having a wicked time.

I love taking natural candids, but I also love making you look fabulous and creating portraits that make you feel gorgeous. You’ll see in my portfolio a mixture of everything from funny moments to epic portraits, because all of these photos are nice to have of your wedding day.

The one thing that I always promise is that you’ll feel totally comfortable whether I’m snapping away while you enjoy your wedding day, or if I’m whisking you off for a (very brief and fun and easy) little portrait session. You’ll want the time out on the day to have a moment alone, and the portraits is the perfect time for that. We can get creative or it can just be a little walk for fresh air. There’s no pressure!

I’ll also orchestrate any group photos you want and I’ll work out the best time for them so you don’t have to worry. The rest of the time I’m just in the background snapping away, capturing all the important bits, but everything you miss too.

I’m less like the hired wedding photographer and more like a guest at your wedding who takes kick-ass photos.

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