HI! We’re Anna and Todd

“Regional Manager and World’s Best Boss” and “Assistant (to the) Regional Manager”

Hello! We’re Anna and Todd, a couple and a wedding photography team. We love escape rooms (Brighton’s Loot the Lanes is the best!), playing board games (Obama Llama a current fave), watching trash dating shows (#mafsa) and murder documentaries, staying in weird Airbnbs and going for walks at dog-walking times so we can fuss people’s dogs. We have a black cat called Loki who does Zoomies around the flat and follows us everywhere. Our favourite wedding dancefloor song is Taylor Swift Shake it Off, and our fave wedding cake flavour is rainbow.

We shoot all weddings together, meaning we catch all the moments, and bring two different sets of skills to your day. Anna is great with people, while Todd sees things meaningful things most people don’t. We both fit in well with guests, and most people think we’re just your mates!

About Anna.

Scout leader, cat lover, avid reader


  • Animal: Cats and dogs equally
  • Holiday: Camping road trips
  • Hobby: Crossfit
  • Tea: After Eight mint choc rooibos from Nuditea
  • Shop: Lucy and Yak
  • Book: Jack Reacher
  • Food: Mayonnaise
  • Episode of Schitt’s Creek: the Tina Turner one, ‘Open Mic’
  • Board game: Obama Llama
  • Season: Autumn
  • Biscuit: Bourbon

About Todd.

Values fun over winning, loves to be silly, snappy dresser


  • Animal: Cats
  • Holiday: Outdoor adventures
  • Hobby: Anything outdoors
  • Tea: Clipper 
  • Shop: Passenger
  • Food: Pizza
  • Film: Anything 90s
  • Board game: Just One
  • Season: Spring
  • Biscuit: Custard Cream