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We've been a couple since late 2018, and met when Todd emailed Anna about wedding photography workshops! He was a wedding photographer too, and it turned out that not only did we get on well but we also shot in the same style. So Todd joined the Anna Pumer Photography team in 2019 and we have an absolute blast together at every wedding. We love escape rooms, watching trash dating shows and murder documentaries, staying in weird Airbnbs and going for walks at dog-walking times so we can fuss people's dogs. We have a black cat called Loki who does Zoomies around the flat and follows us everywhere and is the love of our life.



  • I'm a Scout leader - I've got the ugly uniform and everything!
  • I love a night in with tea and board games
  • I love dogs and cats equally - it's allowed, ok?!
  • I have 30 types of loose-leaf tea in the flat. I can't stop! My favourite is After Eight mint choc rooibos.
  • My fave board game is Exploding Kittens.
  • My fave episode of Schitt's Creek is the Tina Turner one, 'Open Mic'.
  • My fave character in Parks and Rec is Ron Swanson.
  • When we're shooting weddings, I'm the lead photographer (and the one who will get shouty for you if you need people herded) and the one behind all our social media and emails. You'll meet both of us on Zoom though!
  • Makes up cute songs about the cat, and even sometimes does it for our wedding couples on the drive to the wedding.
  • Likes having cereal for dinner.
  • Makes Anna laugh so hard she cries most days - he should do stand-up but I can't convince him to get on stage!
  • His fave board game is Obama Llama.
  • Todd is in charge of your photos from the moment we get home - he backs up, chooses the images and edits them with magical unicorns.


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