Hi, I’m Anna

I love escape rooms (Brighton’s Loot the Lanes is the best!), playing silly board games, watching trash dating shows or Always Sunny in Philadelphia or Parks and Rec, staying in weird Airbnbs and going for walks at dog-walking times so I can fuss people’s dogs. I have a black cat called Loki who loves a laser pen and follows me everywhere. My favourite wedding dancefloor song is Taylor Swift Shake it Off, and my fave wedding cake flavour is rainbow.

About me

Scout leader, cat lover, CrossFitter


Holiday: Camping road trips

Tea: After Eight rooibos from Nuditea (or a Yorkshire builders brew)

Shop: Lucy and Yak

Book: Jack Reacher

Board game: Exploding Kittens

Biscuit: bourbon

My favourite things

Camping and road trips

Picnics – even in winter!

Travelling (I can’t sit on a beach, I have to be busy!)