We’re Anna and Todd, a couple and a wedding photography team. We love escape rooms (Brighton’s Loot the Lanes is the best!), playing board games (Obama Llama a current fave), watching trash dating shows (#mafsa) and murder documentaries, staying in weird Airbnbs and going for walks at dog-walking times so we can fuss people’s dogs. We have a black cat called Loki who does Zoomies around the flat and follows us everywhere and is the love of our life. We shoot all weddings together. Our favourite wedding dancefloor song is Taylor Swift Shake it Off or any 90s pop song, and our fave wedding cake flavour is anything with sprinkles.

About Anna.

Wedding superpowers: Crowd control, mum charmer and enabler of fun

  • Loves dogs and cats equally
  • Has 30 types of loose-leaf tea in the flat (fave is After Eight mint choc rooibos from Nuditea)
  • On a day off you’ll find me at Bird and Blend tea shop or Lucy and Yak in Brighton
  • Scout leader – I do it for the excuse to sleep outside and do fun activities. I mean I do it for the kids.
  • Crossfitter – although not very serious – I turn up in colourful gear, chat and distract people and generally enjoy it way too much
  • Has an unhealthy love of mayonnaise.
  • Fave episode of Schitt’s Creek: the Tina Turner one, ‘Open Mic’
  • Parks and Rec spirit character: Leslie Knope
  • Wedding role: lead photographer (and the one who will get shouty for you if you need people herded) and the one behind all our social media and emails

About Todd.

Wedding superpowers: Ninja shooter, mind reader, cake tester

  • Makes up cute songs about Loki, and even sometimes does it for our wedding couples on the drive to the wedding (nice ones, don’t worry!)
  • Loves cats a scooch more than dogs but will go nuts if there’s a dog at a wedding
  • Learned to ride a bike in 2019 and it was exactly like that episode of Frasier
  • Likes having cereal for dinner
  • Hates all condiments
  • Makes Anna laugh so hard she cries most days
  • In charge of your photos from the moment we get home – he backs up, chooses the images and edits them with magical unicorns