iPhone Wedding films

Want to see all those silly faces, big laughs and terrible dance moves again?

Perfect for anyone who wants a “shot from where the action is, like a guest” film without having to source (sometimes wonky and drunken!) footage from guests and edit it all together.


We shoot our films on an iPhone instead of a pro camera, because it captures the feeling, atmosphere and vibe way better – we’re not making Hollywood movies here! The film will take you on a journey, and make you feel like you’re back there at your wedding again. For us it’s also easier to capture the moment on a phone, because we don’t need to think about camera settings (which are way more complicated for video than photo!) – we just hit record.

Don’t worry, the quality is so good you wouldn’t guess it’s made on a phone. Your final film will be around 5 minutes long and set to music (there may be snippets of ambient audio included, for example clapping, but we don’t use external mics or recorders).

If you want a full wedding video, you can hire a videographer for all the bells and whistles. If you want a snappy imperfect film that shows the vibe of the day as if it was taken by an all-access-pass guest that you won’t even notice filming, then you can book one of our iPhone wedding videos!

Add an iPhone film to your wedding photography booking with us for an extra £750.

Why book an iPhone wedding film instead of a camera video?

It bridges the gap between guest footage and expensive professional footage.

The film is more candid and less perfect (that’s what we love about it – we’re not trying to replicate a high-end slick Hollywood video)

It’s easier to do than on a camera, because I can take photos at the same time (I mount the phone on top of my camera!), and I’m not having to fuss over settings and miss stuff.

It’s perfect for anyone who wants a “shot from where the action is, like a guest” film without having to source [sometimes wonky and drunken!] footage from guests and edit it all together.

When you should book a full videographer instead

If you want to have full ceremony and speeches filmed, with mics used, and the whole thing put together in several formats, including the full wedding, plus a highlights version and a mini trailer – that’s what a videographer will do. You’ll be paying the same as you pay for a photographer to get a proper videographer. My iPhone films offer you a cheaper option if you want a video without the expense or full service.

You can add an iPhone film onto your booking, and if you’ve already booked me for your wedding you can still book an iPhone film. Just email me! If you want an iPhone film without booking us for your photography we can chat about that, just email me!