Alternative Wedding Suit Ideas for Brides and Grooms

Aug 27, 2022 | Features, Weddings

There are a thousand blogs for wedding dress ideas, but what about the suits? We love a funky wedding suit – whether it’s on a groom or a bride – so let’s have a look at what some of our couples have worn and get you inspired for your own wedding outfit.

A black, navy or grey suit is a classic, but your wedding isn’t about following the rules! What you wear is all about feeling your best, and feeling like yourself, and choosing a funky outfit is one of the best ways to make your wedding feel a little more alternative, and a little more you. Dresses tend to have more variety, and you can find every style and colour – but having fun with your outfit isn’t just for those who wear dresses! This guide has some ideas for alternative wedding suit ideas, and some tips for choosing the perfect outfit.

Suit from Gresham Blake Brighton

Tips for Choosing Alternative Wedding Suits

Before we get into some ideas for alternative wedding outfits, here are some things to keep in mind before you shop, and once you’re ready to try on some outfits.

Dress from the Vampire’s Wife

Consult Your Partner

While some surprises are definitely fun, you may want to talk to your spouse-to-be about your attire before you pick something. You don’t have to share every detail with them, but for example, if you’re both opting for a one-of-a-kind look, you might want to make sure colours don’t clash, or that you don’t (or do) choose the same patterns! 

Some things to agree on might include the vibe of your wedding (how casual or un-casual your attire will be), general colour schemes or patterns, and maybe have a conversation about how far outside the box you both want to go.

This can also depend on the two of you – if you’re all right with being completely surprised and potentially rocking two fun, funky outfits, that’s totally rad. Just agree on this beforehand and decide what the two of you want to do. You know each other best, so do what works for you and your wedding!

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Keep Comfort in Mind

When you’re looking at potential alternative wedding attire, definitely remember that while how it looks is important, how it feels is just as, if not more, important! You’ll be wearing that outfit for quite a while on the big day, so if anything pinches or pokes or feels a little tight, it’ll get annoying pretty quickly and you’ll find yourself unable to stay in the moment and unable to feel 100% comfortable if you’re constantly thinking about your clothes.

Be sure to try on everything, move around a lot (take some big steps, do a few squats, bend over, raise your arms over your head…), and make sure to wear it for at least a few minutes to make sure everything feels good and fits well.

While fit and how physically comfortable it feels it’s important, another part of this tip is how you feel on the mental side of it. When you look in the mirror, do you love what you’re wearing? In films it feels like we often see brides put on their dream dress and shed a tear, but brides and grooms in suits deserve their moment too! While it doesn’t have to be tear-jerking (but it certainly can be), the right wedding outfit should make you feel confident, and you should feel like yourself – you should be jazzed to wear it on the day you get married. Bonus – if you can wear it at another event, or just reuse the top or bottom, then you can splash out guilt-free on a fabulous outfit because then it’s not just for one day!

Ideas for Alternative Wedding Attire

Don’t get us wrong – everyone looks fly in a black tux, but if that doesn’t really feel like your thing, use these ideas for alternative wedding attire to spice it up!

Keep it Casual

An important thing to consider when you pick out your wedding attire is the vibe of your wedding day! Is it actually going to be a black tie event where you’ll want to be dressed to the nines, or are you envisioning a more relaxed day? Are you really an upscale party kind of couple, or are you more laid back and casual?

Some ways to dress down your wedding attire can be as simple as ditching the tie or choosing casual shoes, but you can also go for a more casual suit. Lighter colours tend to look more relaxed, and you can even go for a patterned shirt and jeans (yes you can wear jeans to your wedding, there are no rules!). If you’re not into suit trousers, why not get fitted trousers? Show off those legs while looking casual and fresh.


While the main parts of your attire are going to be the clothes themselves, there’s so much you can do with accessories, and this can change the entire look! You can really make your alternative wedding attire your own, and there are endless fun options.

You can choose a fun pattern for your tie, swap the tie out for a bowtie and braces, add a steampunk tophat or a bowler or even a baseball cap, put on some fun socks, wear DMs/Converse, or add a cape or a sceptre for extra flair!

Wear Funky Colours

Colour is one of the best ways to make what would be a pretty traditional suit, more unique! While black, grey and navy blue are typically what grooms go for when it comes to suit shopping, there are so many fun colours to choose from. 

For something eye-catching but still relatively tame, you can opt for neutral tones, like maroon, olive green, mustard yellow, a shade of beige, or a light pink hue. But, don’t be afraid to go for bright, bold colours – neon suits and vibrant colours will pop beautifully! You can even mix and match – for example, some maroon bottoms would look amazing with a light-coloured tweed jacket. White, though it’s a seemingly “basic” colour, can also make a splash for alternative bride and groom outfits!

Suits from Gresham Blake Brighton

Incorporate Patterns

Patterns make everything more fun – so using them, whether it’s in a big way (like wearing a checkered suit) or something more subtle, like a floral shirt or just a funky pop of colour in your tie or your socks, can really stand out. Again, you can mix and match! 

Think About Fabrics

Fabrics can change the look of a suit so much – and if you’re looking for a unique outfit to wear, you can opt for something that has some texture. Velvet is a great one, and can make a huge difference! For example, a velvet suit jacket will look much different from one that’s made of cotton or polyester, even if they’re the same colour.

Get a Custom Outfit

Sometimes, the shops just don’t have what you’re looking for! Getting a custom outfit made for your wedding day is one of the best ways to ensure the perfect fit, but it can also be an amazing option for unique, one-of-a-kind attire for brides and grooms.

We Love Alternative Bride and Groom Attire!

As a wedding photography duo, we’re all about weddings and couples who are colourful, fun, and authentic. We’ll document your day and snap some photos of you having a blast, and of course, capture the magic of your one of a kind outfit!

Here are some shops our grooms and brides in suits have used for their wedding suits:

Gresham Blake

Jump the Gun

Marc Darcy

Joe Browns

If you’re ready to tie the knot and want photos that show all the fun, contact us!


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