wedding photography + film prices

A bride and groom kissing in a field at sunset.

What do you get?

  • A lovely Zoom chat before the wedding day
  • All the good photos (usually around 100 per hour of coverage) fully edited and delivered via a downloadable gallery
  • Travel in East Sussex (inc Brighton)

£225/hour (min 6 hours summer Fri-Sun)



  • Second photographer: £depends on coverage
  • Album:
  • iPhone films
  • 60-sec Instagram Reel
  • 1 hour engagement shoot:
  • No travel fees in Sussex

My photography style

Unplanned moments

photos of you having the best time ever

Lush portraits


We're super awkward in front of the camera

All my couples feel super awkward in front of a camera. But they look cool cos they’re having a wicked time and I’m not making it all about the photos. And that’s all you need to worry about!

When will we get our photos?

You’ll get a sneak preview a few days after your wedding to get you excited for the rest. The full set will be with you in no more than 12 weeks (sooner if it’s earlier in the season!) You’ll get your photos via an online gallery, where you can view, share, download and print your pics – easy.

Will you hold a date for us?

I often get enquiries for the same date, so whoever puts down a £500 deposit first (or gives me the best compliments) gets the date

Do you do albums?

Hell yeah, everything looks better on paper than on a screen. The albums I create are super fancy, the base album is 10x10in with thick layflat pages, stunning colours, and a linen cover, but you can upgrade all aspects!

What happens if you're ill?

I’m one of those smug healthy people who thinks they’re immune from illness, so Smug Me says I won’t be ill! Ever! The sane side of me knows Smug Me is an idiot. However, only a very serious illness or actual broken bones or like a pen sticking out of my left eye would prevent me from shooting your wedding. If I’m totally unable to come I will do my very best to find you an awesome replacement photographer – I have a brilliant network of photographers I can contact. I will then pay them to shoot your wedding in my place.

Can we have a discount?

The most important thing to me is working with couples I love. I don’t want to turn away anyone I click with and who is throwing a super fun party – because I want to be there! So if we get on like two cats rolling around and kicking each other in the face (a good thing), but you have an unbudgeable budget, then we can certainly chat about shorter coverage if it’s not a peak date (summer Fri-Sun). That said, if you’re getting married at a swanky venue and having 300 guests and proper Champagne, then ask me for a discount cos you spent all your budget on the life-sized Elvis replica that will greet guests as they pass through the entrance hall of diamonds, I might send you a gif of a woman snapping her fingers and saying bitch please.

Do you do group photos?

Of course! These are really important, but I promise they won’t take up too much time – I suggest groups in the form I’ll send you nearer your wedding.

Can we pay in cash?

I don’t accept cash, only bank transfer.

We love you! We want to book! What do we do?

Send me an email and we’ll maybe have a Zoom or chat on the phone if you want to make sure I’m not a weirdo (or maybe to make sure I am…). I’ll help you decide how much coverage you need and also suggest fun things for your wedding day because I like chatting weddings, then you fill in the booking form, send me 500 smackers to get in the diary, and have an extra bud at your wedding!