Your favourite wedding photos (and why) 2021

Dec 31, 2021 | Weddings

I asked all my 2021 couples what their fave wedding photos were, and why. And the answers were surprising! I could never have imagined most of these choices and reasons behind them, and that makes what we do make me feel pretty powerful, like a goddess or something. A goddess of memories and wedding japes. That’s the vision I’ll be going into 2022 with…

These photos…
They’re not always the framers, they’re not always the profile pics and often they’re not even the sharers.
They’re the ones that only the couple see the meaning behind.
They’re the in-jokes, the little moments, the personalities and the thoughts in their heads that weren’t said out loud.
Here are the photos of 2021 that tell you a story behind the people in them – the story you’d never know if you didn’t ask.
Here’s to learning more about people, finding real meaning and being human.

Here are your favourite photos and why:

Steff and Jason, The Bull, Kent

The first dance finger pointy photo is Jason’s favourite photo because it really sums up our relationship. In Jason’s words: ‘It shows how I view Steff and our relationship. She’s my champion, she’s the strongest person I know and I want to show her off to the world.’

The photo of Jason eating confetti and me laughing is my favourite because Jason always rips me for doing a stupid point and just look at how happy we are! He really is my favourite human.
Thank you Anna and Todd. These photos are just everything.

Frankie and Bree, Brighton

It truly was an impossible task to pick a favourite as you guys really brought out so much beauty and laughter in every shot. Our wedding may have been very small and intimate but it was more than perfect and these pictures really prove that. A favourite of mine (one of the many) has to be this one. It shows the moment that my Dad bought us all ice creams as we were walking along the beach and couldn’t help cracking a few jokes (as usual).

Jack and Chrissy, York House, Twickenham

One picture was a very difficult choice to make!
Jack immediately said the one of me eating Pizza 😀 Crazy man.
My personal favourite is of all of us running. Possibly because it feels like we are always running from one thing to another, a bit like our chaotic lives and it’s got the girls in it too.
I also attached a third. Because after a really really shitty couple of Covid years it meant so incredibly much to have a celebration with (most) of our close family and friends and it is the biggest best party I have been to to date.

Matt and Becky, East Sussex University Meeting House and Chilley Farm

You captured some of my favourite, and most supportive, humans in one shot. It had just started to rain but I remember not caring a bit because I was married and hugging the best people for the first time in over a year!

This is such a great photo. You’d never have guessed from it that my poor Mum has had a bad back for ages including in the run up to the wedding. I knew I’d get her on the space hoppers, and knew Anna would manage to get a photo…!

We love this photo because it is shows a moment I would have totally missed if Anna and Todd hadn’t captured it. It also illustrates perfectly how I have married a child I can’t turn my back on for one second haha!

Julia and Laura, The Bell in Ticehurst

Wow, this is a seriously tough task as they are all bloody brilliant! But for us it would be the photo of Laura and I at the end of the confetti walk. Just before we had had a few moments to ourselves. We had a cuddle, shared a laugh and sank a pint. We then came out and were greeted by our amazing friends and family who were all lined up along the red carpet walk with handfuls of confetti. I think the photo captures just how over the moon we both are. Hands down the best day of our lives and we cannot thank you enough for capturing it.
A close second would be Laura’s sister and brother in law. I don’t think any explanation is needed…! Ha!

Pip and Jodie, Brighton

It was so hard to decide which photo was our favourite, you both captured our day so perfectly! Each photo really does tell a story. With that said, we’re going with the Lifeguard pic. It was totally unexpected! It reminds us of how special it felt to be in our little bubble whilst everyone else went about their day, walking along the beach being congratulated by total strangers and my total inability to stop smiling! Also love that cheeky seagull too. It’s testament to your and Todd’s talent to capture the moment and our Never Normal Brighton wedding!

Emily and Olly, House Meadow Biddenden

Well, you set us quite the challenge!  We laughed, we welled up (OK, that was just me) and found some more memories going back through our week of weddings.  It’s amazing that we’re still seeing new things so many months on.  I know that if you were to ask our top snaps a few months ago and again in another 3 months, I’m sure we’d pick a new set every time!
So, a bit like Top of the Pops and our top pics this week are…!
Olly’s pick – Martin Parr mini golf:
I love this photo for several reasons, the people and amazing colour palate… but mainly because it captures my brother, who in the lead up to performing his duty of co-officiating the service that day was a nervous wreck, finally relaxing and playing up for the camera, his natural state.
Emily‘s pick – Really feeling the music:
Close family members Fred and Dot, mid sing-a-long, a moment felt by so many after such a long time apart.  The pure enjoyment factor on their faces was a feeling felt by all that day.
A joint favourite – The best man reveals all:
While there are so many action shots, we love how the top corner has Tom taking a break from his speech, has managed to shock the bride mid beer-swig and has the groom laughing the only way a best friend can.  A great moment captured and framed.

Dani + RD, Brighton Harbour Hotel

“My favourite is one right from the end of the night where we’re standing in the dusky light, Sean has his hands on my face giving me a smooch and my arms are holding his. It’s my phone lock screen and makes my tummy flutter every time I look at it.”

Sarah and Adam, Tunbridge Wells

We have SO many favourites, but this one just says so much – the proverbial picture speaking a thousand words. It was in that moment Adam knew he’d f… no, we’re kidding! However, it was in this moment that Adam remembered why asking his twin brother to be his best man was inevitably going to lead to this! This photo sums up the day – the joy, the euphoria, the happiness and the banter.

Helen and Jonny, Brighton

It is impossible to pick a favourite photo from our wedding day because they all spark so much joy. The whole narrative captured when looking at them from start to finish is just wonderful and to be reminded of the laughter, silliness and joy from our teeny tiny wedding is just priceless. Every time we look at them there is lots of laughter  It may not have been the day we planned but at that point it really was the day we needed and we are so happy that you and Todd were there to share it with us. We have picked two photos, but could have easily picked 52. We love this one, immediately after leaving the town hall, when my Dad mistakenly shot Jonny in the back with quite a powerful confetti cannon (whoops! He tells me it was not on purpose ) and this one taken on the pier. Relaxed, smiley, relieved after waiting for so long and just really content with finally being Mr and Mrs.

Kim and Nick, Queens Hall Cuckfield

This photo documents the first time we were in the same room as many of these people for over a year and a half. It was so special to finally be reunited with everyone after so long apart, and it made the wedding all the more special as a result!

Ellen and Adam, Oak Barn, Frame Farm, Benenden

Being tasked with picking your favourite wedding photograph from almost 1000 perfectly captured moments of the best day of your lives when you have blooming awesome photographers is far from an easy task, an impossible task some may say!
Is it that picture of your bridesmaid’s boyfriend (who swore he didn’t have any shots) shotting tequila with your uni mates or what about your parent’s friend befriending random wedding guests? No wait, it has to be when we ditched our flowers to attempt to lift Adam or what about the groomsman doing a cartwheel or that picture that perfectly sums up my parents or throwing wild moves on the dance floor or the moment the ceremony flower display hurled itself on the floor for the third time or the hilarious reactions captured during the speeches….
As you can see, it is not an easy decision and one we deliberated over for a long while but here they are… the photos we think are our favourites, but to be honest, we’re still not sure!
And the reasons…
Adam particularly liked this confetti shot (there were lots – longest confetti line ever!) as he thought it was very natural as we’re both laughing. I loved the confetti line as it was great to see all our guests and I love how happy we look as I remember feeling this happy all day!
The second one is from our first dance, which despite having two left feet, I absolutely loved doing. I love how again in this picture we are surrounded by all the people we love and the lighting makes it seem quite magical and fairy tale-esque! I also love the sparkle on the dress – I felt completely extra changing for the evening but when else can you get away with it!? And I really recommend it if your main wedding dress isn’t very dance floor friendly!

Adam and Amie, Wonderland, Henfield

For me (Amie probably won’t agree) this is my favourite… it makes me smile every time I look at it and reflects our day perfectly. It’s the type of shot you can’t stage or force, it’s in the moment and could easily be missed!!! That’s why we chose you guys, your ability to capture images like this is awesome.

Kate and Catherine, Balham Bowls Club

Oh this is so difficult!!
So Catherine’s favourite is this one because it just brings her back that funny moment where we realised you were willing to do anything to get the perfect shot, even risking breaking your own neck. What a trooper!

Mine would be this I kept going back and forth between these two.

I really like both of them, because my main memory of both days is mostly Catherine and I laughing together, and I love how both of these capture that.
Also feel like I need to give a special mention to this one of me and my mum, after not seeing each other for over a year because of covid it’s so lovely to have a moment like this captured.

Stina and Michael, London

This is our favourite because it looks so magical and the way we’re looking at each other just show’s how much we love each other.

Esmee and Karl, Folkstone

Karl’s favourite is the one of us both doing gun fingers, he says “it isn’t a particularly traditional wedding photo, which is one of the reasons we wanted you as our photographer, and it shows a really cool spontaneous moment. The uniformity of everyone in shot doing exactly the same thing is strangely pleasing aesthetically”.
My favourite is the one of me whispering something to karl outside a toilet block (though you’d never know that’s what we were stood in front of). It’s a wall done by a local artist/tattoo artist and I love how personal, intimate, colourful and full of love (quite literally) the shot is.

Marc and Cherise, Latest Music Bar, Brighton

The pic with the groomsmen meant a lot to me, as it was the first time I’d been able to hang out with them all for since the pandemic.

As for the pic of Cherise and myself I just love that we’ve managed to catch this quick moment together in what’s normally a really packed street.

Honestly though, there were just too many to whittle it down!

Katie and Ryan, London

Mine is the one where we’re walking through the confetti. The huge, goofy smile from me: oh my god I was so so happy. Finally, after covid cancelling three wedding plans, we had managed to get married. I also love that Ryan and Arthur are pulling exactly the same face.


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