What’s The Best Time of Year to Get Married?

Jan 12, 2023 | Weddings

For most couples, after the question’s popped and you’ve agreed to tie the knot, one of the first steps on the to-do list is setting a date for the wedding! But with 365 (sometimes even 366) days in a year, how do you decide? There are definitely a few things to think about, so this guide will tell you the best time of year to get married, along with some tips for choosing a wedding date!

The Best Time of Year to Get Married

Unless you tie the knot in a place where there are zero seasons and the weather doesn’t change much at all, the time of year that you get married will affect the way your wedding day feels. So… what’s the best time of year to get married?

It’s Not Summer!

Summer is really popular for weddings – any couple with engaged friends knows that summers are often spent attending wedding after wedding. But, the truth is, we don’t think summer is the best time to get married! The warm weather and sunshine might be appealing, but there are a few reasons that it isn’t ideal.

First, it’s really hot, and really sweaty. If your ceremony is outside, it’ll likely be blazing hot, and with the sun beating down on you, it can get uncomfortable, fast. You and all of your guests will be sweating up a storm – not exactly ideal for feeling your best on your wedding day.

Another reason that summer isn’t the best time of year to get married is because it is so popular! If you set a date in the summer, you’ll quickly notice that a lot of vendors – venues, photographers, caterers, etc. – are already booked. Getting married in the summer limits your options and gives you fewer suppliers to choose from.

There’s also the fact that the sun sets pretty late in the summer – and while that’s pretty awesome when you want to go for an evening stroll or watch the sunset after work, on your wedding day, it means that when you’re breaking it down on the dance floor at the end of the evening, the sun will still be shining! The vibe just isn’t the same as it would be if you and your guests could dance in the dark, with lights and music surrounding you.

The Best Time of Year to Get Married Is…

… drumroll please! April and October are the best months to get married in – for a few reasons.

The weather is pretty perfect – these months are usually warm enough to enjoy being outside, but cool enough to be totally comfortable. You can celebrate with your loved ones without feeling like a sweaty mess! It’s also easier for you and your guests to add layers if it gets chilly, whereas in the heat of summer, there isn’t much you can do to cool down if the wedding is outdoors.

You’ll also have better lighting. It’s a common misconception that photos should be taken when the sun is shining bright, but this actually creates strange shadows and doesn’t look so great. The best photos happen when the lighting is nice and even (this is why sunset photos look amazing!), so in April and October, when it tends to be more overcast, you’ll have gorgeous light and amazing colour in your wedding photos!

Because the sun sets earlier, you’ll also have better lighting for your ceremony – in the summer, couples typically don’t want to exchange vows too late in the day, so ceremonies end up being in the harsh sun. But while a 4 PM ceremony in August might be considered midday, a 4 PM ceremony in April or October will be closer to sunset, and the lighting will be much better. You can also enjoy dancing once the sun sets!

Tips For Choosing a Wedding Date

Now you know the best time of year to get married, but here are some tips for choosing a wedding date, once it’s time to get specific!

Consider a Weekday

This might not be do-able for all couples, since most of your guests are probably more likely to have weekends off, but if you’re able to, a weekday wedding can have a few advantages. First, Saturday is the most popular day for weddings, followed by Fridays and Sundays, so getting married on a not-so-popular date can give you more options when it comes to finding a venue and choosing your vendors! Some venues even have discount pricing for weekdays, helping you save a little bit of cash.

Think About Your Schedule

Of course, when it comes to choosing the best time of year to get married, there are things like weather and lighting, but you also need to think about your schedules and what’s possible for you. If you have a demanding job that makes time off difficult during certain times of year, you might be more limited in potential wedding dates, or this might also apply to which days of the week you’re looking at!

Prepare for Any Weather

While you might choose your wedding date based on the weather you expect, it’s always important to remember that anything can happen! It’s much better to be over prepared than to be caught off guard, so hope for the best, and prepare for the worst. Talk to your venue about what happens if it rains – is there an indoor location you can move to? A tent that can be set up outside? Or, are you going to bring some umbrellas (clear ones look amazing in photos) and jump in some puddles together?

The best way to deal with any weather is to just embrace it! Whatever happens, it’s a part of your unique wedding day experience.

Be Flexible

Some couples have a specific date in mind from the get-go, so if that’s you, that’s totally fine! But, if you’re not set on any particular date, we recommend keeping your options open at the beginning of the planning process. It’s definitely helpful to come up with a season or time frame (like deciding that you want to get married in October), but if you’re a little flexible, you will usually have an easier time finding a venue. Since the venue is the first booking couples usually make, this allows you to find your dream venue and work with them to see what availability they have before deciding on a wedding date!

Once you’ve found the venue, you’ll need some kick-ass photographers to go with it – and as you may have guests, we love April and October weddings, but we’ll document your story any time of year! Contact us for colourful, fun wedding photos.


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