Hendall Barn Wedding // Livi + Alex

Jul 21, 2022 | Weddings

Livi and Alex are super creative and fun and lovely people, and their wedding was so colourful. They got married at Hendall Manor Barn, which is just 15 minutes from where we live. Livi got ready at the venue, and stayed over the night before, which makes the prep session much easier and less stressful.

They had their ceremony in the barn, and reception out on the lawn, but it was the middle of a heatwave so everyone kept to the edges where there was shade! The paper fans the couple provided were VERY appreciated and used all day by guests – I even snuck one home so I could use it at future weddings. Such a brilliant idea!

They also had the most epic wedding cake (ok I said that of last week’s wedding cake too but they were both epic in different ways!). This one was a smiley emoji – a round cake (not sure the bakery wants to do that again in a hurry!!) that was neon pink on the inside and neon yellow fondant on the outside. Oh and it was delicious.

We did some photos in the classic spots – the swing and pond – but also ventured out to the parking barn, which looked like, well, a parking barn, but through the eye of a photographer was a goldmine of epic photo ops!

Later on Livi and Alex got some fresh air with a wander up to the hay field, where it was all hay bales and blue skies – stunning.

Livi made a homemade photobooth in her wonderful colourful style (the whole wedding was colourful!) which got going just as we were leaving mid-evening. It looked fab – all colourful pinwheels.

So another thing I should mention before you scroll on to the rest of the photos, is… the tiny hands! I spotted one on the table at prep and asked about it – Livi says they always get a funny photo with the tiny hands when they’re travelling so could we get one of them in the wedding photos? Hell yes! Alex whipped them out of his sporran (got to keep them handy (“handy” haha) just in case you need them!) So you’ll see a very romantic photo of the couple… and the tiny hands!

Livi and Alex found us because we shot their friends’ wedding at Oh So Social in Brighton a few years ago – and they found us because we shot their friend’s wedding (at the same venue Oh So!) a few years before that! We love seeing past couples at weddings, and hopefully we’ll see Livi and Alex at another!

“OMG!! These are amazing. Bring back all the emotions. You have captured the feelings so well.”

If you love this wedding and want to know where they got all the fab things from, here’s the Dream Team:

Venue: Hendall Manor Barn
Caterer: Green Fig Catering
Flowers: Pitfield Barn (arrangements: bride)
Cake: Sugar Smash Bakery
Wedding dress: Silk & Maple, Sudbury
Band: The High Rollers
Make-up & hair: Poppy Tallulah


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