Our 22 funniest wedding moments of 2019

At every wedding, a guest will ask us for the funniest thing we’ve seen at a wedding. This year we decided to do a ‘best of’ post so we can shove our phone into their faces while we get on with eating cake. We mean taking pictures.

It’s been a fun year: I was stung by a bee on the face 1 minute before a serious church ceremony (ok not so much fun as funny – eventually); sat opposite Sam Smith on a wedding bus while a great aunt who had no idea who he was quizzed him for travel tips; saw human-sized Tunnocks teacakes; and shot a wedding where all four seasons happened at once (in April).

This was also our first year working as a team, and Todd and I have loved every second – in fact we’re now taking on every wedding as a team. This post of the funniest wedding moments perfectly sums us up.

1. This bride kissing a suspicious alpaca


2. This dog who got suited and booted to hit the dancefloor


3. These guys who dressed as giant metal teacakes for a reason that totally made sense at the time


4. This kid eating his dad’s tie


5. This singing waiter invading everyone’s personal space


6. This


7. This wedding in Doncaster where the floor turned into water


8. The Farting Armpit


9. This bride whose entire guest list got “handsy”


10. Sam Smith on this wedding bus, because Sam Smith


11. These guys playing a game you won’t see at the Olympics


12. This little fella when he heard all the biscuits were gone


13. My face when it rained all day



14. This 10% successful high five


15. This scene from Rambo


16. The day it rained oyster


17. This mother of the bride who felt like we all feel about shots


18. These dogs wondering what all the humans were doing at their wedding


19. This stack of Birdseye Potato Waffles


20. That time it snowed at a wedding in April


21. This minor altercation


22. This moment where a bride might have fallen asleep on the job

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