Folkstone wedding – Esmee and Karl

Apr 15, 2022 | Weddings

Folkstone wedding – Esmee and Karl got married in Folkstone and had their reception at Space Bar on The Old High Street in Folkestone.

Their story

“Karl was the DJ at Esmée’s work Christmas party which was on a boat floating along the River Thames. She thought he was playing awful music, he thought she was awfully drunk (she was) but she requested his number and their first date was on Christmas Eve.

“Karl initially failed to pop the question on a trip to Amsterdam (after partaking in a bit too much of the local produce). He successfully proposed on Esmée’s 30th Birthday, which was nearly ruined by several waiters dropping hints throughout the meal…

“We, like many couples with weddings planned for 2020, have had a rollercoaster of a time. We were supposed to get married in June 2020 in South London. After postponing by a year and subsequently moving to Folkestone we realised that we lived in a super cool place and the stress of continually postponing our day became too much so settled on a micro wedding by the sea in December. A sudden lockdown put a stop to that plan so it was rearranged for September 2021 with more guests and all of our suppliers back on board again!

“We have loads of small touches relating to our love of music (e.g. the reception used to be a record shop) and my mother’s amazing styling abilities (she handmade the monogrammed napkins for the reception). We also wanted to work with suppliers who we either have a personal connection to, or who we have tried and tested as part of moving to a new town.

“To any couples who are planning their wedding our best advice would be to not get too carried away with the planning, it doesn’t need to take over your lives. We have ended up planning 3 weddings of varying size, and sometimes it is tough to remember that planning your day should be fun, it shouldn’t feel like a part time job.

“Esmée had been following Anna on Instagram for over 6 months (after leafing through a copy of Rock n Roll Bride) before sending a request form. We love her colourful, candid style, which suits our personalities (and our guests’) down to a tee! She’s been with us throughout this mad ride of postponements and has always stayed so calm and organised – it has really helped us not to freak out!”

Hair @lottieatcocohairandbeauty
Make Up @joshuaartist
Flowers @floandthefoxglove
Shoes @irregularchoice
Hair pieces @floraandthefox
Venue @space7folkestone
Harbour Drinks @beershopfolkestone
Cheese Cake @thecheeseshed


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