Crafty and Colourful DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas

Feb 22, 2023 | Weddings

Our couples are super crafty – so we’ve seen some fantastic creative ideas for crafty DIY wedding decor in our time! And it wouldn’t be fair not to share it with you…

Decorations for your wedding are one of the best ways to personalise your big day – and to add even more of a personal touch, there’s plenty that you can DIY! There are definitely some things you should leave to the professionals, like the photographer, caterer, and other suppliers, but when it comes to your decor, if you’re crafty, you can make some really unique things.

This guide will give you some ideas for crafty DIY wedding decorations!

Ideas for DIY Wedding Decorations

The most important thing to keep in mind when you’re creating wedding decor is that it should be unique to you, reflecting your relationship. So if your vibe is colourful and fun, don’t emulate a beige aesthetic – make it your own! Here are some ideas for DIY wedding decorations that are crafty, colourful, and unique!

Rainbow Timeline Palette

A timeline helps your guests know what’s going on and what to expect for your day, so it’s helpful to have one for guests to see. A unique way to present your timeline is to grab a wood palette – these are pretty inexpensive to buy, or you can often find used ones if you go hunting around industrial estates! When you have your palette, paint each plank a different colour, and write your timeline on it once the paint dries. 

Cat Cutouts

Your furry friends are a big part of your lives – but sometimes they can’t make it to the wedding (due to their busy schedules). A great way to include them in your celebration is by creating a life-sized cardboard cutout and having it as a decoration at your wedding, like Kim and Chris did, below! You can have it as a centrepiece for your table, have them stand up front during the ceremony, or move them around throughout the night – it’s a really fun way to include your pets without having them there, and a great way to add a personal touch.

DIY Origami Wedding Decorations

Origami is another amazing way to make some DIY wedding decorations for your day. It’s something that even folks who aren’t super crafty can do, as there are plenty of shapes that are simple to put together. You can make garlands, paper flowers, or fold some cranes. 

Cranes are popular for wedding origami, because according to Japanese legend, cranes mate for life (and live for 1,000 years), so they’re a really meaningful symbol when it comes to tying the knot, and they’re believed to be good luck on a wedding day. 

For your origami wedding decorations, you can have your wedding party help you before the big day, or this can even be a fun way to include your guests – give them some paper and some instructions, and you can have some decorations made by your loved ones!

Just make sure you keep track of how many you’ve done – all our couples who have done this have done too many by mistake!

They also make fab backdrops for the ceremony, the reception, and your couples photos!

Colourful Streamers

Rainbow streamers will brighten up any venue – and this is an easy decoration that you can hang up! Streamers can be hung on chairs along the aisle during your ceremony, then moved over to the reception area and hung on the wall or from the ceiling. Or, you can have some white balloons and create tails out of rainbow streamers to make it even more unique. 

It’s a one of a kind wedding decoration that’s really festive, and if your wedding’s outdoors, they’ll look even better when the breeze makes them dance a little!

Hand Lettered Signs

Signage can be used to tell guests about the timeline, label dishes, give instructions, or just make things look a little prettier. And you don’t need incredible calligraphy skills to DIY your signs at the wedding! You can make your own signs on wood, or get creative and use a mirror or a piece of glass. And to make them more colourful and unique, you can get some paint and do a rainbow background! 

Colourful Candles

Candles are always a good choice, making for easy decorations and creating a peaceful ambience. To make your day unique, get some colourful candles and some nice candleholders, and set up your decorations! To make this even more of a DIY experience, you can even make your own candles and order some kits!

Hang a Balloon or Flower Garland

Flowers and balloons both make great decorations, and they come in all sorts of colours, making them one of the best ways to bring some fun to your wedding day! There are so many ways to make amazing wedding decor with flowers or balloons, and one of them is to create garlands or arches. Use them as a backdrop, or an arch over an aisle or doorway.

DIY Seating Chart

A seating chart is something that’s pretty easy to do yourself, so this is a great wedding decoration that’s a little crafty, but doesn’t require a ton of artistic skill. You can make a wooden frame (or find a large picture frame to use), and hang some twine horizontally in rows. Then, get some colourful cardstock, and write your table numbers and names of guests on each one! Use mini pegs to hang them up on your twine, and you’ve got a unique seating chart.

Or why not do what Amy and James did and make festival posters and hang them on a mirror, or what Juliette and Ross did and simply pin a list of names and polaroids to a cork board.

Create a Crafty DIY Paper Backdrop

You can do some incredible things with tissue paper. One of the best DIY wedding decorations is to create a gorgeous backdrop for your ceremony or reception (or both), with colourful flowers made out of paper. You can get some tissue paper flower kits (or if you’re crafty, just some tissue paper to use), a board for the background, some hot glue, and maybe some faux greenery to bring everything together, and get to work!

We Love Crafty, DIY Wedding Decorations!

We’re all about couples who are colourful, crafty, and fun, and we think your wedding should be all about you – so throw some personality into it! And you’ll need some photos to document all the work you put into those DIY wedding decorations, so if you want a set of photographers who will be there to encourage your authentic selves, silly moments and all, contact us to get started.


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