Wedding albums

Getting your photos printed in an album is the best way to relive your day.


You book us to tell the story of your day – and having photos on your wall is great, but what about the photos of the in-between moments you booked us for? The hugs, the laughs, the dance moves? Don’t confine them to a hard drive you’re probably going to lose – have them in a storytelling album that you can crack out whenever you want to be taken back to that awesome day. We’re great at telling stories, so we’ll help you put together the perfect album that you’ll love. You’re spending all that money on these photos so make the most of them!

The albums

Our albums are lush. They’re big and heavy and gorgeous.

This isn’t a cheap skinny book with sticky corners to fit your printed photos into like in the 80s, this is a thick tome, with layflat pages that feel beautiful to turn, and print quality that makes your wedding photos look stunning.

Base album:

Size: 10×10 inches

Pages: 10 spreads (20 pages)

Cover material: Cotton

Cover text: Gold or silver foil

Upgrades available for an extra fee: album type, cover material, number of pages, size, smaller duplicates.

Fine Art album: £550 (0r £500 when adding it to your booking pre-wedding)

The album company we use


The printers are based in the UK and handcraft their albums with care and love.


They use high quality pigment printing on matte fine art paper.

Upgrades and options:

12×12 inches

14×10 inches

16×12 inches

Extra pages

Cover colour options

Leather covers

Replicas for parents or gifts: Same size or 8×8 inch replicas of the main album can be added on. They must have the exact same images, layout and cover as the main album.

How it works

    1. You choose your fave photos from your Pic-Time gallery – a good mix throughout the day. The base album fits 45-60 images but you can choose as many as you’d like and I can help you cut it down, or I can design it with more pages. Simply “heart” your favourites images in Pic-Time and let me know when you’re done.
      1. I will then design the album and send you proofs.
      2. Once you’ve approved the proofs (including amends), please fill in this form and pay for the base album and upgrades
      3. I send it to the printers
      4. Around 4-5 weeks later you get a snazzy wedding album in the post!

    If you’d like to add an album to your wedding booking, get in touch!