Small micro weddings in Brighton and Sussex

Ever since 2020, micro weddings have been super popular! Having no more than 30 guests means a more intimate day, and you get to actually spend time with everyone!

Here’s some small wedding inspo and info about how we work at small weddings.

Why small weddings are awesome


No guest politics

If you don’t want your brother’s new girlfriend (who’s clearly not sticking around) or your racist cousin coming to your wedding, you have the ultimate excuse not to invite them.

You get quality time

With just a few guests at your small wedding, you get to spend time having proper chats, good laughs and an intimate day with your absolute fave people. The rest can watch on YouTube, and you don’t have to fake smile all day answering their questions about your honeymoon or when you’ll be having babies.

It’s cheaper

You’ll save literally thousands by not having to feed 100 people. Think of the mega honeymoon you can have with that extra dosh – or that house you’ve been saving for.

There are fewer people to share the cake between

And fewer people to judge you for eating 5 portions of cake each.

Booking a wedding photographer for your small wedding

You get both of us, which means different angles and everything covered! It doesn’t matter if you’re having 15 or 150 guests, having two of us is always worth it. As a recent mother of the bride said to us: “Anna and Todd, you have captured the many emotions and magic of the day in these memories which will be evoked every time I see them. To be able to do that is such a talent and I am so, so pleased you were able to photograph Chelcie and Craig’s teeny bandstand wedding.”



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